• soniacookbroen

what lost thoughts?

what lost thoughts have I let fall into the eternal sea of moments past?

have there been truly powerful ideas and have I simply watched them fall, aware of their power, to the bottom of a pond somewhere in my mind?

Watch them as they become tiny dots, down, down, down into the algae, to a soft muddy place where I can run my fingers along the slop and come up with only that: slop.

Some strange limbo where ideas get broken down into bits of ideas where continuous thought is converted into non-linear word salad.

War and politics, abortion rights, hunger, fights over power and guns…A constant din, immigration, Chinese dominance, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, data mining, mind control, why is there no good news?

It’s depressing, I’m glad I don’t have cable so I don’t have to pay to hear this stuff

I keep rearranging my furniture and there is a private detective in Pensacola trying to find me, why?

#postaday2011 #REALITY