• soniacookbroen

when thoughts supersede

there was a man who said something

i did not respond to

there was a hill so steep I dare not descend

there have been moments in my day

I wish never happened

my torn soul trampled by whims

of vicious others

the weight of somethings

is far too much to bear alone.

the deserving heart knows

i can play and i can run so fast you will never catch me

sometimes I think i might climb the walls

or tear them down with my bare hands

kick the windows in and stomp out the floorboards

I get so angry I want to cry

I can never cry

so I run

I run like the wind is white and spiraling around me

the wind is wings upon my feet

and i am the lightest



whipping and whirling my way through this place!

and in my sleep

in my sleep I am awake

all things are possible

the potential is seemless

and the people aren’t there

and the structure is absent

I am one with the universe

expanse laid out before me

a gracious map


not just rich velvet black

all colors and sounds and textures

and feelings

vibrating through this mind.

I seek not because I am lost

I am searching so that I might see.

the journey is the food of the traveler

the journey is without end.

#prose #REALITY #freeverse #space #destiny #love #postaday2011 #time #THEWORLD