• soniacookbroen


within the white, folds of green await

adventures of spring lie buried as we toil

through the icy ridges of everything

abounding there is white

and cool blue skies

but beneath the cement which has been paved by a road of ice

teaming life is churning

silently the roots are yearning

down they push even now

plodding forth and reaching out

the sun

it waits

to be close  to us

a forlorn lover who’s gift we are lamenting the absence of

a diva in the sky

not fickle but sly

waiting until the moment we cannot bear her absence any longer

and then!

cheek to cheek we are again

so happily we relish and renew

so happily we play and love

the heart is merry with abundance

within this darkness there lies a light

waiting until the time is right

within this seed there lies a universe

a universe hidden from us

softly we hide in down blankets

by fireplaces lit

toes curled

hands intertwined

awaiting abatement of winter with bated breath and a silent prayer

when the grass is green on the hill I will meet you there!

#freeverse #postaday2011 #THEWORLD #time